Raito Cloud

✅ Insights into existing data access and usage

✅ Request access to the data you require

✅ Manage access across all your data sources through collaboration

✅ Audit trail of all your data access changes

✅ Guidance towards data access management best-practices

Raito Overview

Why Raito Cloud?

Use Raito Cloud to scale data access management and enable true data ownership.

  • Allow data consumers to seek for data they require and request access to it.
  • Enable data owners to manage access to the data assets within their responsibility.
  • Define and enforce central policies to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Empower data owners and data governance specialists via insights in data access and data usage to increase data access maturity
  • Provide consistent data access to your users across all data sources
  • Automatically recommend actions to improve your data access maturity
  • Constantly monitor all changes to your data access and allow for regulatory reporting

Core concepts

Raito uses a combination of common and custom terminology. The core concepts are listed here.