Installing the CLI

Using Homebrew

To install the Raito CLI on macOS or Linux, the easiest way is using Homebrew.

Simply execute the following in a terminal window:

$> brew install raito-io/tap/cli

Using Docker

To run the Raito CLI run command continuously, a docker container can be used. Download the latest Docker image by using the following command:

$> docker pull

Find out more about how to run the Docker Raito CLI runner here.

Manual installation

If you don’t have Brew you can also install it manually. To do this, go to the Github releases, find the version you want (the latest is always recommended) and find the build that corresponds to your operating system. Right-click on the file and copy the link URL. The following snippet shows and example of how you can then use that URL to download and unpack the Raito CLI.

$> wget
$> tar -xzvf raito-0.19.0-darwin_arm64.tar.gz
$> ./raito --help

Check installation

To get the version you have installed:

$> raito --version

or an overview of the possibilities of the CLI, execute:

$> raito --help

Find out more about the different actions you can perform with the CLI here.

Further reading

Next, you can take a look at the different commands the Raito CLI has to offer or learn how to configure the CLI to start connecting it to your data warehouse(s) and Raito Cloud.

A full step-by-step guide on how to get started with Snowflake and Raito Cloud can be found here.

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