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Contributor License Agreement (CLA)


As Raito, we are fully engaged on making data access easier and safer. The Contributor License Agreement helps ensure we can keep doing this for a long time to come.

Specifically, our Contributor License Agreement grants the contributor and Raito a joint copyright interest in the contributed code. Further, it provides assurance from the contributor that contributions are original work which doesn’t not violate any third-party license agreements.


Before you contribute to any of Raito open source projects, we ask you to complete and sign the Contributor License Agreement.

Depending on whether you are contributing to Raito as an individual or as a company, choose the correct CLA below. It’s just a few minutes of work to get you ready to contribute!

Individual Contributor License Agreement v1.0

Software Grant and Corporate Contributor License Agreement v1.0


Our CLA has been based on the one published by the Apache Software Foundation. You can find these at

Individual Contributor License Agreement (“Agreement”) V2.0

Software Grant and Corporate Contributor License Agreement (“Agreement”) v r190612

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